Stronger (Kelly Clarkson album) 2011

Released October 21, 2011
(see release history)
Recorded 2010–11
Genre Pop rock, dance-pop
Length 47:29
61:51 (Deluxe)
Label RCA, 19
Producer Brian Kennedy, Ester Dean, Dante Jones, Darkchild, Toby Gad, Howard Benson, Jason Halbert, Greg Kurstin, Oligee, Josh Abraham, Andre Lindal, Chris DeStefano, Michael Knox, Steve Jordan

Track listing

Standard edition
No. Title Length
1. Mr. Know It All 3:53
2. What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) 3:41
3. “Dark Side” 3:44
4. “Honestly” 3:36
5. “You Love Me” 4:04
6. “Einstein” 2:59
7. “Standing in Front of You” 3:59
8. “I Forgive You” 3:04
9. “Hello” 2:59
10. “The War Is Over” 3:57
11. “Let Me Down” 3:24
12. “You Can’t Win” 4:19
13. “Breaking Your Own Heart” 3:48
Total length:

Mediafire Downloan Mp3

Video Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All

Video Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)


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